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About Cochinheros

Music is divine. The music from heart will guide us to the almighty. Music enriches our spirituality and bring calmness to our heart. When each one of us in this world enjoys music we trust earth is beyond paradise. These words were said by the great musician Louis banks in Nepal. Music is a gift of god. 16 years ago we acknowledged the truth to begin COCHIN HEROS OF MUSIC & DANCE ACADEMY under Fr. Augustin Akkara. Accordingly, we extended our path into Ganamela, mimics, mega show, Instrumental music, Ghazal, Fusion, DJ music, Magic, Oppana, Mappilapaattu ,Kathakali, Margam Kali, Kalaripayattu & Light & sound show. Firstly, COCHIN HEROS corporate office were started at Thrissur. Further our branches where extended to Kunnamkulam, Palakkad, Shornur, Ottapalam & Guruvayoor . Presently, around 2000 students are being trained in our academy.

COCHIN HEROS have more than 28000 students being trained in different educational institutions in and around Kerala under the guidance of expert tutors. These lot are given training in Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Carnatic Vocal, Drawing, Magic, Mimics, Classical Dance, Western Dance, handwriting, Craft, Music Aerobics, Yoga, Abacus, karate, Taekwondo and so on.
For the remembrance of Fr. Augustin Akkara, COCHIN HEROS does charity works for dejected and dedicated artists. We provide help through a non-profitable scheme for backward artists who are skilled and financially down. We conduct different stage shows and TV shows for well talented Carnatic vocal singers and also provide grooming courses to improve the talents of musicians and singers who are willing to participate in different programmes.
The unique feature of COCHIN HEROS is that they have expert tutors for Hindustani and Western music. This makes COCHIN HEROS different from any other music academies. Especially in case of girls, we provide programme anchors for TV shows. Beyond this in our dance classes we have free style, Bollywood, Salsa, Hip hope, Break Dance, Contemporary etc... Exclusively, we conduct Nail Art, Mehandi design, Jewellery Making, pot painting for housewives. We provide air conditioned music classrooms in the third floor of TRADE CENTER. As per housewives’ convenience we schedule the class timings.
COCHIN HEROS MUSIC ACADEMY is the only one who provides opportunities for professional stage shows, amateurs, junior Troupes & Bands. The great journey of COCHIN HEROS MUSIC ACADEMY is enlightened through the memories of Fr. Augustin Akkara. We are using this occasion to express our sincere gratitude to our Fr. Augustin Akkara.

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